Announcement Concerning the Discontinuation of Frame Model 6000

Armourx has decided to discontinue its frame model 6000 frame due to difficulties in obtaining confirmation from an independent laboratory that model 6000 passes all of the tests necessary per the ANSI Z87.1 standards.

Model 6000 passed Armourx’s factory ANSI Z87.1 tests, and hence is a fully compliant Z87-2+ frame.  ANSI Z87.1 section 2.3.5 requires that we make our factory test results available to the purchaser upon request. Independent testing by a 3rd party is not a requirement of Z87.1.  It is an extra measure we have decided to take, at considerable extra expense to us, to ensure our frames are the safest they can be.

Armourx has always conducted both factory tests and 3rd party independent tests on every frame model.  Factory tests are done first to prove the product does what it is supposed to do and does indeed meet the requirements of ANSI Z87.1 before product launch.  Independent testing by a 3rd party is done to confirm the factory test results.

When independently tested, model 6000 did not fully pass.  The ANSI Z87.1 standard includes many different tests, left and right eye lens shattering tests from a 1.00” steel ball dropped from 50 inches, left and right eye lens impact resistance tests from a pointed projectile weighing 17.6 ounces and dropped from 50 inches, and further require the frame to be struck by a .25 inch diameter steel ball traveling at 150 feet per second at both straight and 30° angles on the lenses and multiple shots on the sides of the frame.  When independently tested, the right temple hinge cracked as a result of one high velocity shot from the right side at 90 degrees.  Because of this crack, the test could not be considered a pass, even though model 6000 passed all other tests and demonstrated complete and proper lens retention with no lens ejections.

While all other Armourx frame models have been successfully ANSI Z87.1 tested by an independent 3rd party, we cannot offer 3rd party test reports for model 6000.  Consequently, to remain true to our policy of offering frames that have been 3rd party tested, we have decided to discontinue model 6000.

Many of our competitors do not go to this much trouble and expense to ensure ANSI Z87.1 compliance.  We hope you trust that we are doing our best to bring the safest, not to mention the most fashionable Rx safety frames to market.

As of March 20, 2014, the Model 6000 will no longer be offered for sale.  However, Armourx will honour any warranty claims made with respect to the Model 6000.